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Capture & Distribution
Transform hard copy document distribution and storage into a simplified, digital workflow.
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Xerox ConnectKey Share to Cloud
Xerox ConnectKey Share Documents to Cloud, Server, PC

Xerox ConnectKey Share to Cloud

Transform paper into actionable information in the cloud.

Xerox ConnectKey Share to Cloud provides organizations with powerful document scanning capabilities that connect Xerox multifunction printers (MFPs) to popular cloud services and email.

Its simplicity is what makes it so effective. ConnectKey Share to Cloud delivers all of the benefits of cloud computing to your Xerox ConnectKey MFPs in the same way that apps leverage the cloud on mobile devices. Scan a document using the touch screen on your MFP, and the ConnectKey Share to Cloud solution converts the file and distributes it to a selected cloud service. 

Xerox ConnectKey Share to Cloud Brochure

Xerox ConnectKey Share to Cloud Overview Brochure

Why Xerox for your cloud-based services and applications? White Paper

Xerox ConnectKey 1.5 Technology White Paper

DMS Link
Simplify document workflow through digital imaging, distribution, retrieval and long-time archival. 
  • Maximize your current Kyocera MFP technology, without any additional IT investment
  • Enables fast retrieval of fully-indexed files from a central database, eliminating lost or misfiled documents
  • Utilizes existing folder structures for easy navigation (via MFP touch screen) to target Scan-to locations
  • Automates document processing and notifications, increasing overall office efficiency
  • Assists in compliance with regulatory mandates governing information privacy
  • Expedites document indexing using barcode recognition, for easy desktop retrieval
  • Saves time by converting text into searchable/editable content via OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Reduces costs related to overnight delivery services, long-distance faxing and hardcopy storage
  • Enables departmental MFPs to support specific workflows, addressing users’ unique application requirements
  • Effectively routes documents to a predetermined document management system or shared server, for simplified document sharing among individuals and workgroups
  • Available on all HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs 


Simply scan from your MFP to your inbox, the first time, every time. 
  • Increases employee productivity with a simplified email process from the MFP
  • Integrates with HID proximity cards for an even faster user experience
  • Expedites the process of emailing scanned documents to oneself from a Kyocera MFP
  • Saves users time and reduces chance of error by using login information to pre-populate the “send-to” email address field found on the MFPs control panel
  • Improves overall Document Workflow efficiency within an organization
  • Available on all HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs


Download 2MyInbox Brochure Here

PinPoint Scan
Scan from your MFP to your PC with added speed, functions and versatility.
  • Quickly convert hardcopy into high-impact color or monochrome files, in universal PDF format
  • Route documents virtually anywhere with easy 1-touch buttons – email, shared folder or a program that supports PDF files
  • Simple setup, with one-time application installation on the MFP (for scanning document) and one-time PinPoint Scan utility installation on PC (for receiving scanned file)
  • Highly secure with PIN or optional proximity card protection, MFP and file access restrictions, as well as SSL-encrypted communication
  • Users can set up and change their PIN, reducing the need for IT intervention
  • User-selectable scan settings enable users to manage image type, orientation, resolution, etc.
  • Document history log enables users to see a list of all scanned documents, along with file location
  • Eliminates problems inherent with traditional SMB scanning
  • Users can set up and change their PIN, reducing the need for IT intervention


Kyocera Teaching Assistant
Streamline the task of printing, grading and analyzing multiple-choice tests.
  • Transforms a HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFP into an on-demand test printing, grading and analysis hub
  • Reduces IT burden; there is no server software to install or PC to connect
  • Increases productivity by enabling a teacher to quickly print/grade/analyze multiple-choice tests
  • Automated grading improves accuracy; human error is virtually eliminated
  • Saves valuable time; educators can concentrate on teaching and lesson-plan development
  • Provides teachers with at-a-glance feedback on how students performed, with detailed reports that include bar graphs, histograms and test statistics
  • Speeds turnaround on individual test results; if necessary, extra help can be provided sooner rather than later
  • Lowers costs by using economical plain paper to print bubble sheets and answer keys, eliminating the need for special media and dedicated scanning systems
  • Enables teachers to create tests on-the-fly, allowing them to know where students stand with greater accuracy
  • Creates an unlimited number of bubble sheets, to address the testing needs of small and large class sizes alike
  • Routes test results to email or USB drive – in universal PDF format - for conservation of paper, toner, energy and budget
  • Increases student security by clearing all test data from the MFP after every job


Panel Plus
Customize your MFP touch screen to include the scanning features you need.
  • Only the scan settings that your organization needs are displayed
  • Reduces and simplifies complex scanning tasks
  • Destinations and settings are pre-defined for greater efficiency and error reduction
  • Scan tasks can be customized as required based on user‘s requirements
  • One-touch buttons can be pre-programmed for a streamlined environment
  • Compatible with all HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs