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4 The Office Free Print Management Software
Free Print Management Software for tracking page counts and printers or copiers

Yes, free.

Isn't it time to get a handle on copiers, printers, and toner?

How many copiers and printers do you do you currently have deployed in your organization?

What does the toner actually cost you per page on each device?

Can you see how much toner is actually remaining in each device?

Are you able to predetermine the next service call on your devices?

Can you see all of the page counts from one portal within your organization?

Do you print at various costs per page?

Would you like to audit all vendors and the monthly billing you are paying for cost per page to determine if you are even producing what you are paying for?


4 The Office Print Management Software will answer all of the above questions and it's totally free! If you would like to install your Free copy of Printsmart please call us at 1-866-710-2679.

Xerox Certified Print Services Provider
4 The Office is a Xerox Certified Print Services Provider. Today, people want pages not printers. Often you buy a new device, run it until it has issues and then start the vicious cycle all over again. Our programs are simple while designed to lower you existing costs by as much as 25%. You'll receive the printer, all service, all parts and all labor. You will also be guaranteed that the device will remain in place for five years.
What are you currently paying for one black and white page on your device?

Use our Cost Per Page Calculator below.

In the first block (Your Current Toner Cartridge Cost), insert the price you pay for one toner cartridge for your device.
In the next block (Manufacturers Estimated Yield), insert the published yield for your toner cartridge.
Your current Cost Per Page for Toner only will be automatically calculated in the third box.

Your Cost Per Page is in cents. Example: .034 equals 3.4 cents per page, not 34 cents.
This calculation does not includes any required service, parts or labor when needed.

If you are printing at least 1,000 pages per month, you could save up approximately 25 to 40%. 4 The Office offers several devices from a variety of manufacturers that are often under 2 cents per page and includes all toner, all parts, labor and service when required.

4 The Office is an Authorized Valued Added Reseller for PaperCut Print Management Software

4 The Office has experience in a variety of applications and environments ensuring you the most professional service and installation of PaperCut. Our customers include those in Education, Manufacturing and Professional Services Organizations.

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Want to see it in action? Be sure to visit our "Product Videos" Page.

4 The Office Toner Recycling Program

4 The Office currently recycles toner and ink cartridges for several of the area's largest employers. We can help you establish a Green Policy that is good for your business and the environment.

Start Recycling Now

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Free Print Management Software Online
Please note, the software requires a key when you are ready to install it. You can obtain a key by emailing us.