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Mobile & Cloud Solutions

Take advantage of printing and scanning capabilities on the go from today’s mobile & cloud technology.

Xerox Mobile Print, Xerox PrintBack, Kyocera Mobile Print, Cloud Connect, EFI Print Me, Cortado, WebPrint

Xerox Mobile Print
Xerox Mobile Print Solutions

Xerox Mobile Print

Simple. Convenient. Secure.

There's a better way to print.

From any mobile device to any brand of printer, Xerox Mobile Print raises your productivity everywhere your business takes you – whether you're out and about or simply in another part of your building. Take the mystery and anxiety out of wireless and mobile printing with a truly flexible solution that's simple, convenient and secure.

Be more productive wherever you are.

With Xerox Mobile Print, businesses of all shapes and sizes can help their workforce be more efficient. It provides a high level of security to ensure information stays confidential and eliminates the need to rely on others to print sensitive documents.

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Xerox PrintBack
Xerox PrintBack, Print From Mobile Device, IPAD

Xerox PrintBack

Print back to the printer you already use, from anywhere.

You already use a printer with your desktop or laptop computer. Now you've added a smartphone and/or tablet into your work life – accessing email, viewing documents, and integrating your device with other business processes formerly confined to your computer. With Xerox PrintBack, you can extend the printing capabilities of your computer to your iOS and Android™-based smartphones and tablets. 

Ideal for environments where software and solutions are installed by individuals, Xerox PrintBack enables printing to the default printer you already use with your computer. Plus, it supports the most common office file types (Microsoft® Office documents, PDF, etc.) and delivers uncompromised print quality. 

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Xerox PrintBack Frequently Ask Questions

Kyocera Mobile Print
Simply and conveniently print files, web pages, and images using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Print on-the-go in a mobile environment with a free app
  • Flexible access to information wherever you need it
  • No need for costly infrastructure - app resides on the mobile device
  • Automated identification of compatible devices
  • Robust settings for greater job control
  • Track print jobs when job accounting is enabled
  • Protect sensitive information


    Download Kyocera Mobile Print Brochure Here
Cloud Connect
Easily print from and scan directly to the cloud from select Kyocera MFPs
  • Upload and store files to Evernote freeing up mobile device memory and storage, while eliminating the need to transport hard copy files
  • Flexible, easy, and secure retrieval and printing of your Evernote files from any Kyocera MFP
  • Upload scanned files directly to Evernote -- no need to send scanned files to a computer
  • Add tags or note content for accurate search capabilities
  • Easy retrieval of files stored in Evernote, in formats including JPEG, PDF and TIFF


EFI PrintMe
Increase your workplace productivity with this Direct Mobile Printing application.
  • Employees working on another floor or in another building on campus can easily print wherever they are.
  • Traveling employees visiting another company site can print without finding network printers and loading printer drivers, and without any IT assistance.
  • Remote employees, such as sales people, can quickly print when at any office.
  • Visitors or contract workers can print using guest networks.


    Download EFI PrintMe Brochure Here

A cloud printing solution available as a free download.
  • Print on any printer in your current WiFi network or via Bluetooth
  • Print from all kinds of different devices and platforms
  • No printer driver needed, no additional software required


    Download Cortado Brochure Here

Cost-effective output management solution that makes it easy for organizations to manage the workflow of documents that are being printed, copied, scanned or faxed.
  • Upload documents via web portal
  • Print using a universal driver
  • Print by email using attachments
  • No printer drivers or other software required
  • Select color/black+white, number of copies, duplex and other finishing options
  • Print preview available